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Women's Box Small (15 Pieces)

Unboxed Mystery! The Sample Boxes are curated with 10 FABULOUS (+ 5 for this box) items selected by Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin himself, from past collections released! Here’s the fun part: only you will know what’s inside...The Surprise is real! For this particular Sample Box, we are offering the size Small samples not only at a discounted rate, but you also get 5 additional pieces! That's right, purchase a box of 10 pieces and get an additional 5 pieces of us! 

In this season we must all stay SAFE and stay FABULOUS! At this time, Shop J. Bolin does NOT accept exchanges or refunds on merchandise received. If you happen to receive a duplicate of an item you already possess, share some love and gift a piece or two to your fashion bestie! Trust us when we say that these pieces are everything you need and more!